Marathi Ukhane For Bride And Groom

Marathi Ukhane SMS for special occassions like marriage, child-birth, haldi kunku and more. This is a collection of Marathi Ukhane SMS scripted so creatively that you are sure to impress the social gathering whereever you recite them. They are a perfect way to convey, how much your spouse mean to you through a poetic four line rhyme. Not just that, if you know anyone in your circle who needs to say these Marathi Ukhane SMS, you can share them instantly. They are original, creative and a perfect combination of funny Marathi Ukhane SMS and touching Marathi Ukhane SMS. So celebrate culture through these Marathi Ukhane in 160 characters and make you loved ones smile. Every person from Maharashtra will fondly relate to the feelings in these Marathi Ukhane SMS. You can also post these Marathi Ukhane SMS greetings and wishes on Facebook and Twitter to add that special touch to the celebration. So get set go, pick Marathi Ukhane for pooja, Funny Ukhane for wedding, Emotional Ukhane for house warming and much more.